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14 July 2020

A call to invest in all our creative futures

European culture is in the midst of a crisis. How decision-makers choose to respond now will set the scene for the next decade of cultural and creative life in our union.
01 June 2020

The European Composer and Songwriter Alliance’s 10 steps on How to implement the Copyright Directive for a more sustainable music ecosystem

Today, European citizens can access music everywhere as they never did before. Many digital platforms have become richer and more popular, but music creators did not reap the benefits of this digital shift. 74% of music authors cannot live from the income from their artistic profession. This situation is intolerable and must urgently change.
02 April 2020

Music sector joins together to call for EU and national investment to address current crisis and promote diversity

26 March 2020

Authors’ organisations Joint statement on Covid-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic ravages our societies, including the cultural and creative sectors, authors’ organisations stand in solidarity with all those affected by the virus and we support measures taken to contain it.
04 February 2020

Press release: At ECSA’s Creators Conference, European creators call for an ambitious and faithful implementation of the Copyright Directive at national level

Creators, EU policy makers and stakeholders gathered in Brussels to discuss present and future policies affecting European creators’ lives.
01 December 2019

ECSA strongly condemns the malpractices of Epidemic Sound

ECSA strongly condemns the malpractices of Epidemic Sound and its disrespect for fundamental authors’ economic and moral rights.