become a member

Become a member

ECSA has two categories of members:

  • FULL MEMBERS: National composers and songwriters’ association from all nationalities in Europe. Full members are entitled to assist and vote at the ECSA General Assembly.
  • ASSOCIATED MEMBERS: Individuals or legal entities which support the ECSA’ work. Associated members can be invited by the ECSA Board to assist to the ECSA General Assembly meetings as observers.

Application process

STEP 1: accept the ECSA articles of association and internal rules. Please review them and see if they are acceptable to your organisation.

STEP 2: complete the one-page membership application form and send it back to the ECSA office:

STEP 3: attach the articles of association of your organisation (i.e. statutes) to your completed application form. The statutes should preferably be in English.

Review of applications

After you have submitted your application package to ECSA, your application will be reviewed by the ECSA Board at the next scheduled meeting. Once the Board has reviewed and accepted your application, your organisation will officially become an ECSA member.

If you wish (and pending an invitation from the committee chairman), you can nominate a delegate to join ECSA as an observer to the meetings to learn more about the benefits of being an ECSA member. ECSA has two official meeting sessions a year.

For membership eligibility questions please do not hesitate to contact the ECSA office.