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Capacity Triangle webinar: The needs of the Ukrainian cultural sector. How can Ukrainian creators be supported?

Capacity Triangle webinar: The needs of the Ukrainian cultural sector. How can Ukrainian creators be supported?

On Tuesday 13 December 2022, from 14:00 - 15:30 CET, ECSA organises a Capacity Triangle webinar on “The needs of the Ukrainian cultural sector. How can Ukrainian artists be supported?”. You can register now via this link.

Russia’s war in Ukraine has had an immense and destructive influence on the Ukrainian cultural sector. Existing cultural infrastructures in the country have been destroyed, local funding opportunities available for culture have been drastically reduced, and a brain drain in the cultural sector is taking place. The Ukrainian cultural sector therefore is in need of sustainable solutions and support coming from Europe. The European Commission and various organisations have taken on responsibility and came up with various supportive programmes for the Ukrainian cultural sector. In this webinar, we present these programmes to any cultural worker from Ukraine in search of sustainable solutions. At the same time, the organisations behind these funding programmes go into dialogue with representatives from the Ukrainian cultural sector, who will present the current circumstances Ukrainian creators find themselves in.  This may generate a better understanding of what the exact needs of the Ukrainian cultural sector are.


Anna Klimczak, ZAiKS (Poland)
Polish collective copyright management organization ZaiKS plays a big role in “Creators for Ukraine”, a fund set up by CISAC and its member societies to help the victims of war in Ukraine. Moreover, Anna will speak about what has been done in Poland to help Ukrainian culture.

Juliane Ott, Creative Europe unit, DG EAC, European Commission
Alejandro Ramilo, EACEA, European Commission
In September 2022, under the Creative Europe programme, the European Commission started a special call for Ukrainian artists, worth €5 million. The call aimed to contribute to the recovery of the devastating effects the war has had on Ukraine's cultural sector.  During the webinar, the European Commission will talk about this funding programme and any possible future responses to the war.

Liudmyla Tsymbal
, Director of Licensing and International, Ukrainian Author’s service NGO UACRR (Ukraine)
Liudmyla will speak about what the current needs of the Ukrainian cultural sector are, and about what has been done in terms of help in Ukraine itself.

Mykola Lysenko
, director of Ukraine Symphonic Orchestra, Kyiv Orchestra and Ukraine Pop Orchestra, Mykola Lysenko Foundation (Ukraine)
Lutz Leukhardt, musician, initiator of the song project and funding programme "I am your border" (Germany)
Mykola leads the Mykola Lysenko Foundation, founded to help musicians in Ukraine. He will speak about the current state of the Ukrainian cultural sector. Mykola is conductor of the orchestra that features in the funding programme "I am your border".  Lutz will speak about the fundraising project, which includes 54 musicians in Kyiv and 17 musicians in Leipzig.

ECSA Vice-President Zahra Mani moderates the webinar.