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Press release: Alfons Karabuda becomes the new President of the International Music Council

This Saturday, Alfons Karabuda composer and President of ECSA (European Composer & Songwriter Alliance) and SKAP (the Swedish Association of Composers Songwriters and Lyricists) was elected President for the UNESCO-founded International Music Council.

It is a great honor to be confided with the task of leading the world’s greatest network for music creators. IMC’s members come from across the globe and consist of all the various parts of the musical eco system. UNESCO founded IMC in 1949 to in a tough post war time to build bridges and values through music and culture.” Alfons Karabuda says.

Throughout the past six years Mr. Karabuda has been a driving force at IMC’s executive board, dedicating himself to promote access to music for all and recognize the value of music in the lives of all people, while exploring new frontiers of collaboration between IMC and other global actors within music and copyright.

When I look at the work being done by the IMC, I am struck by the importance of it, by the necessity of it, and by the passion it manifests in all our activity. In a more and more siloed music business, it is through IMC we can work across genres and together create and show the true value of music”, Alfons Karabuda says.

ECSA joins the international community in congratulating Mr. Karabuda on his election and wish him all the best as he begins this new chapter. We look forward to continuing to work closely with the International Music Council as we advance our shared mission of improving to promote the rights of authors of music at the national, European and International level.