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Discover ECSA's Music Creators Playlist

Since 2022, ECSA publishes a yearly "Discover ECSA's music creators" playlist, in the frame of the World Music Day. The playlist contains a collection of compositions and songs coming from the ECSA member organisations. The goal is to promote European composers and songwriters and raise their visibility to the wider public.

2023 edition: 21 June 2023

In the frame of World Music Day, ECSA publishes the "Discover ECSA's music creators" playlist, which is a collection of compositions and songs coming from the composers represented by ECSA member organisations. The goal is to promote European composers and songwriters and raise their visibility to the wider public. The 2023 edition of the playlist follows after the successful first edition of the playlist last year.

The theme of this year’s playlist is "Melodies of the Future”. In the world we live in today, “the future” is more reflected in music than ever. In times in which many hope for change (think of climate change, social justice, or war), many songs include signs of optimism, resilience, and a belief in a brighter tomorrow. At the same time, more than ever, today’s music creation builds on the most cutting-edge innovations, blends genres, and pushes the boundaries of new technologies. Technology is shaping the future of music in unprecedented ways. 

The theme is reflected in this year's playlist in a great variety of different genres, such as pop, contemporary music, jazz, and rock. Delve into the playlist below and listen to how "the future" comes back in different lyrics, ambiances, or musical productions. Let your imagination and interpretation flow freely!

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2022 edition: 21 June 2022

In the frame of the 2022 Fête de la Musique, better known as World Music Day, the European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ECSA) is excited to present the "Discover ECSA's Music Creators Playlist."

The playlist features songs and compositions by ECSA member organisations from 13 countries.  Our goal has been to promote European composers and songwriters and raise their visibility to the broader audience.  

The theme of this year’s playlist is “Music for Peace”. Music has no borders and has always been an ally of peace in the world. Sometimes art can be the best way to send a message and has often been the advocate of peace in the past. This is why, especially in these trying times, we have decided to use this theme for the very first ECSA music creators’ playlist. The playlist contains songs and compositions that celebrate the essence and importance of peace.

As you will hear in the playlist, the "Peace" theme is expressed in the entries by various genres: Instrumental, Pop, Slam, Americana, Contemporary classical, film music, etc.

The theme is interpreted through peaceful meditation melodies, dynamic symphonies, prayers, statements of love to one's country and mother nature. Peace is connected not only to absence of conflict, escape from oppression and peaceful coexistence between different cultures, but also to peace of mind, healing after inflicted trauma or peaceful transition between stages of life.

While the instrumental compositions and soundtracks are open to interpretation, awakening various emotions in the listener and evoking personal associations and recollections, some song lyrics clearly convey the message of peace from the perspective of the creator. As in “Miks Ma Ei Tapa Ennast”, a choir composition in Estonian by Diederik van der Laag,  which communicates the composer’s personal trauma once inflicted by the absence of peace. 

Sometimes, in their creations, the composers and songwriters explored the feelings connected to the terrors and horrors of war, in order to highlight the importance of peace. For example, in “Sama”, a song by Vladimir Graić,  the creator expresses a warning and a reminder of the sorrow that is part of our collective heritage, and as such, it brings hope and faith in better times.

Other authors explored peace as the representation of the place where they felt safe the most, like for example their homes. As Eik Octobre aka Emil Skovsgaard Christensen shared: "Home is a place where one should always be able to find peace without the sound of bombs and cannons. And the home is something one should not be forced to flee from”.

Our playlist also contains some uplifting songs like the collaboration of various German artists - Joe Walter, Pascal “Kalli” Reinhardt,  Sera Finale, Nico Santos - calling for all human beings to come together and await the better days : “...if we all can stand together, I know we can make it right, I see better days”.

Listen and enjoy our playlist on ECSA's Spotify and Apple Music accounts. We hope it will give you countless hours of a peaceful listening experience.

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