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The Camille Awards

Renamed in tribute to the first composer of film music Camille Saint-Saëns, the Camille Awards (previously Grand Scores) are a set of awards given to composers of exceptional pieces of film and audio-visual music by their peer composers, since 2014

The Camille Awards 2022

Camille Awards – European Film Composer Awards 2022  will take place in Split, Croatia, on 27th September in the frame of ECSA’s general members’ meeting organised by HDS – Hrvatsko društvo skladatelja, the Croatian Composers’ Society.

This year the Awards will honour composers of original music for audio-visual artworks in three categories: “ Best Film Score”, “Best Score for a Feature Documentary” and “Best Original Music for a Drama Series”. ECSA will also honour the work of one more composer with a Special Award.

The event is organised with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the EU and in collaboration with FAME’s Studio Orchestra Music Recording Company and OTICONS, the European Talent Agency for film composers.

The Camille Awards 2021 online ceremony

Due to the unprecedented circumstances brought upon by the COVID-19 crisis, ECSA decided to hold the Awards ceremony digitally in April 2021. The ceremony premiered live on ECSA’s YouTube channel.

ECSA partnered with with FAME’s Studio Orchestra Music Recording Company for the recording of the nominee’s scores which were showcased during the online ceremony. ECSA also partnered with OTICONS, the European Talent Agency for film composers for a special "Film Music Business Career Mentoring Call". 

Congratulations to:

  • Best Orchestral Score: Johan Ramström (Sweden) for “Sara with All Her Being”, directed by Gunilla Bresky;
  • Best Electro-acoustic Score: John Gürtler (Germany) for “Systemsprenger”, directed by Nora Fingscheidt;
  •  Best Original Music for a Series: Labrinth (United Kingdom) for “Euphoria”, created by Samuel Levinson.
  • Special Camille Award to Alberto Iglesias, in recognition of his exceptional score for Dolor y Gloria, film directed from Pedro Almodóvar. The score transcended the current categorisations.