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Working Group on Sustainability

In response to the climate crisis and the realization that nature and the environment serve as important sources of inspiration for authors, more and more artists are taking part in discussions on environmental issues and climate action. They are developing initiatives to increase awareness and maintain more sustainable practices in their work by taking into account distinctive qualities and the various contexts in which creative people and organizations operate. ECSA created a Working Group on Sustainability to tackle the topic of environmental sustainability within the profession of music authors andwill look into ways of making composer and songwriter associations operate more sustainably. The Working Group will draft a Sustainability Charter gathering concrete recommendations and best practices within the ECSA associations.

Members of the Working Group on Sustainability 

  • Niilo Tarnanen, Composer and professor, Vice-chair of Society of Finnish Composers, Board Member of the Finish Music Council & ECF vice-chair (Finland)  
  • Melpomeni Kermanidou, Composer and artist, Representative from The Ivors Academy (UK)  
  • Nina Lith, Communication Manager at Finnish Music Creators’ Association (Finland)