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Working Group on Fair Practice

Composers and songwriters in Europe live a working life with many changing working relationships, and with precarious economic conditions, where unpaid work is widespread. This was also the case before the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020. The Fair Practice Working Group focuses on discussing a mapping of the current realities of the creative labour market for music creators across Europe as well as the inequalities and diversity issues of the sector. The Working Group will analyse music creators’ socioeconomic necessities as well as solidarity, transparency and diversity issues across Europe and compare the situation in ECSA member countries.

Members of the Working Group on Fair Practice

  • Vlad Rāzvan Baciu, Composer, conductor and professor (Romania)
  • Sarah Glenanne, Music supervisor (Ireland)
  • Benjamien Lycke, Composer (Belgium)
  • Zahra Mani, Composer (Austria) 
  • Lumi Ollila, Singer and songwriter, Coordinator at Finnish Music Creators (Finland)
  • Sine Tofte Hannibal, General Manager in Danish Composers Society (Denmark)