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Working Group on Collective Management Practices

Managing the rights of music authors, Collective Managment Organisations (CMO's) play an essential part in the livelihood of composers and songwriters. Hence, the exchange of information among ECSA members on how these CMO's manage their rights on national level, as well as on related best practices, is extremely valuable to ECSA members across its three Committees. Therefore, ECSA chose to transform its former One Stop Licensing Working Group, which dealt with similar topics, to a new Working Group on Collective Management Practices. Compared to the previous Working Group, this Working Group will thus have a broader scope while comparing the different approaches of the national CMO's will remain a priority.

Members of the Working Group on Collective Management Practices

  • Anselm Kreuzer, Composers Club (Germany)
  • Bryan Crosby, Screen Composers Guild of Ireland (Ireland)
  • Hans Everling, BCMM (The Netherlands)
  • Johan van der Voet, BCMM (The Netherlands)
  • Kevin Sargent, Ivors Academy (UK)
  • Aku Toivonen, FMC (Finland)
  • Pär Frid, SKAP (Sweden)