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International Creators Dialogues

The International Creators Dialogues (ICD) serve as platforms for networking activities with international music creators’ associations, in America, Asia and Africa. 

Second International Creators Dialogue in Rabat

The second edition of the International Creators Dialogue took place on 24 November 2023 in Rabat, Morocco. It was co-organised with the International Music Council (IMC) within the frame of the Visa for Music (VFM) Festival, which offered a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and  perspectives with African and Middle Eastern creators.

This year’s edition focussed on fixing music streaming and ensuring a viable ecosystem for music creators. Moderated by ECSA Vice-President and composer Zahra Mani, the roundtable saw music authors and representatives from collective management organisations (CMOs) exchange ideas on how to address the persistently low levels of remuneration on music streaming platforms.

Despite differences in the use and popularity of streaming platforms in the African and European markets, creators from both continents are faced with common issues. Speakers discussed some of these challenges, while also highlighting ways in which creators can empower themselves in the streaming ecosystem. Overall, the dialogue made for a vibrant exchange of ideas and perspectives.

International Creators Dialogue in New York

On 16 June 2022, ECSA organised its first International Creators Dialogue at the New York Law School, with the support of the American Association of Independent Music (A2IM). 

The roundtable moderated by our President, Helienne Lindvall, was an excellent opportunity to hear about ongoing activities of the US partner organisations in the areas of fair remuneration, diversity and inclusion, education and awareness raising on composers' and songwriters' rights, working conditions of musicians and buyout contracts (among other topics). 

All the speakers agreed on the importance to collaborate and share knowledge, especially on new challenges such as AI and digitalization, and the crucial issue of buyout contracts. 

More generally, the speakers recalled the central role of composers and songwriters in today's world, and the fact that they receive only a tiny fraction of the benefits of their work, preventing them from securing a fair and sustainable situation.