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Music streaming

While music streaming services offer valuable means for music authors to reach more audiences, many music creators cannot make a living from streaming. In our position paper on music streaming, published in July 2023, ECSA proposes several measures to fix streaming and improve the situation for music authors. Find the link to the paper below.


In July 2023, ECSA published its vision on music streaming, which includes 6 major recommendations to fix streaming and make it sustainable for music creators and artists. In general, we urge policy makers and all stakeholders in the music industry to assess the functioning of the streaming market and actively promote a fairer and transparent ecosystem, one that values and fairly compensates creators and artists for their crucial contributions. Key recommendations covered in our position paper include: 

  1. Share the streaming pie in a more sustainable manner and value the fundamental role played by music authors in the streaming market;
  2. Ensure better identification of creators on streaming services;
  3. Ensure that the streaming pie can grow to the benefit of the entire music sector;
  4. Assess how music streaming platforms count streams and allocate revenues;
  5. Provide transparency on the use of algorithms and creation of playlists by music streaming services;
  6. Ensure prominence and discoverability of European works on music streaming services.
Read the full position paper

Working Group on Music Streaming

The scope of the Music Streaming Working Group is to address all the most relevant issues for composers related to streaming. At ECSA, there have been plenty of discussions as well as a position paper about streaming in the past but the need to solve issues related to streaming and the composers’ world is still present. ECSA’s Music Streaming Working Group will elaborate on concrete solutions to improve the remuneration for music authors.