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Collective bargaining

Now more than ever, individual authors do not only face precarious working conditions, low and unstable income, but also a very weak bargaining position vis-à-vis their contractual counterparts. In some EU Member States, music authors’ associations and their counterparts (in particular music publishers) have tried to address this situation by negotiating and signing collective bargaining agreements (CBAs). Those agreements - which also exist in other creative sectors - aim at promoting a more balanced and transparent framework for the contractual relationship between both parties.

As the 2019 Copyright Directive very much encourages such collective mechanisms, ECSA organised a Capacity Triangle webinar to showcase different examples of collective bargaining agreements in France (with the “Code des usages”) and in Germany, analyse the lessons learned from those experiences, and encourage their development in Europe. 

Featuring speakers:

  • Wally Badarou, (musician & ECSA Board member) 
  •  Juliette Metz (CSDEM) 
  •  Micki Meuser (film composer & music producer - DEFKOM) 
  •  Katharina Uppenbrink (Initiative Urheberrecht - Authors’ Rights Initiative) 
Moderator: Marc du Moulin (ECSA Secretary General)