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Our members

Name Country Committee Type
The Ivors Academy of Music Creators United Kingdom APCOE Full Member
TO METRON Greek Association of Composers and Lyricists Greece APCOE Full Member
UCMF Union des Compositeurs de Musique de Film France FFACE Full Member
UCMR The Union of Composers and Musicologist of Romania Romania ECF Full Member
UNAC Union Nationale des Auteurs et des Compositeurs France APCOE Full Member
UNCLA Unione Nazionale Compositori Librettisti Autori Italy APCOE Supportive Member
VCTN Vereniging Componisten en Tekstdichters Ntb Netherlands APCOE Full Member
VERSO Vereinigung Songwriter im Deutschen Komponistenverband Germany APCOE Full Member
ZAKR Zwiazek Polskich Autorow i Kompozytorow Poland APCOE Full Member
ZKP Zwiazek Kompozytorow Polskich Poland ECF Full Member