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ECSA is a European network whose main objective is to defend and promote the rights of music authors on a national, European, and international level. The Alliance advocates for equitable commercial conditions for composers and songwriters and strives to improve the social and economic development of music creation in Europe. 

ECSA collaborates with its members located all across Europe and strives to improve the social and economic development of music creation in Europe and beyond.

Our mission

  • REPRESENT music creators in Europe
  • ADVOCATE for their rights before all European institutions and policy makers
  • INFORM our members on the legal framework impacting the European music industry
  • EXCHANGE knowledge and best practices, and coordinate our members’ best interests in order to better defend them
  • PROMOTE the importance and value of music of all kinds both at the cultural and economic level by organising events


ECSA was initiated in 2006 in Vienna within the framework of the European Composers’ Congress, organised and hosted by the Austrian Composers Society ÖKB. The congress resulted in the signing of a Letter of Intent of over 30 associations of composers, creating a “Federation of European Composers’ Associations”.

A year later, on the 7th of March of 2007, ECSA was officially established as an Alliance at the Teatro Circo Price in Madrid, regrouping the three main federations of composer associations in Europe: APCOE (popular music), ECF (art and contemporary music), and FFACE (Film and audio-visual music). The aim was to create an alliance representing all genres of music, which could speak with a unified voice for all music writers in Europe.

Picture: From left to right: Klaus Ager (President ECF), Bernard Grimaldi (President FFACE), Bernardo Fuster (President MUSIMAGEN, Spain), David Ferguson † (Chairman APCOE) at the press conference in Madrid 2007