NEWS FROM ECSA – October Edition



Joint letter from the Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCSs) in support for culture

As the COVID-19 crisis had a disastrous impact on the livelihood of millions of creators and cultural professionals, ECSA and many other European organisations from the CCSs sent a joint letter to BUDG, ECON and CULT MEPs on Tuesday 20th October. The letter asks MEPs to support a number of amendments tabled on the draft Report on a Recovery and Resilience Facility. These amendments which are in line with the European Parliament’s recent resolution on the cultural recovery of Europe, for at least 2% of the Recovery and Resilience Facility to be earmarked for the cultural and creative sector.

ECSA, FERA and FSE advocate for a consistent EU framework for collective bargaining agreements

On 21st  October 2020, ECSA, FERA (Federation of European Film Directors) and FSE (Federation of Screenwriters in Europe) continued their dialogue with the European Commission on the interplay between competition law and collective bargaining agreements. They stressed that the application of competition law in various EU Member States allows authors to collectively bargain in some countries but refuses them this facility in others, even though the Copyright Directive very much encourages collective bargaining. The three associations ask the European Commission to eliminate these discrepancies to ensure collective bargaining can improve authors’ remuneration and working conditions.

ECSA participation to a CULT focus group on “CCS in post Covid-19 Europe” 

“Measures related to cost – reduction for the CCS, updated legal frameworks and status of the artist / freelancer”

On 21st October 2020, ECSA took part in a focus group implemented in the framework of the study “Cultural and Creative Sectors in post-COVID-19 Europe–Crisis effects and policy recommendations” commissioned by the European Parliament’s Committee on Culture and Education (CULT Committee). This study aims at providing an aggregated analysis of medium and long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the cultural and creative sectors and propose adequate policy recommendations for the sustainable recovery of the sectors. ECSA highlighted the necessity of implementing the Copyright Directive in order to increase authors income from the digital exploitation of their works as well as providing artists and freelancers fundamental social rights. 

ECSA welcomes the Cultural Creators Friendship Group’s strong and ambitious working plan

The Cultural Creators Friendship Group (CCFG) is a cross-partisan coalition in the European Parliament (EP) with members from six different political groups, which aims at improving the whole European cultural ecosystem – i.e. the Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCS) – and especially the situation and conditions of creators, e.g. authors, performers and artists. On 8th October, the CCFG adopted its working plan, which focuses on several key topics for authors, such as creators’ working conditions and contract situations (in particular buyout contracts), fair and transparent remuneration, the implementation of the current EU legislative framework and collective bargaining agreements, gender equality, accessibility to EU funds dedicated to Covid19, importance of data usage for appropriate remuneration of creators, transparency of algorithms of streaming services, and the impact of artificial intelligence on cultural creation. ECSA welcomes this working plan and is very much looking forward to working with the CCFG Members in the future.

ECSA at SoundTrack_Cologne

On 15th October, ECSA Secretary General Marc du Moulin participated to a panel on Music Politics at SoundTrack_Cologne, with Prof. Dr. Gerhard Pfennig (Initiative Urheberrecht), Matthias Hornschuh (GEMA Aufsichtsrat), John Groves (Composers Club), Micki Meuser (DEFKOM+GEMA Aufsichtsrat), moderated by Anselm Kreuzer. While the discussion focused on the implementation of the Copyright Directive in Germany, Marc presented the state of play of the Directive’s implementation in Europe and the guidelines envisaged by the European Commission on Article 17.

ECSA at Jazz Now

EU Affairs and Programme Manager Alicja Swierczek participated in the panel entitled “EU-copyright policy and music streaming questions and answers for jazz creators”  in the frame of the event JAZZ NOW (Deutsche Jazzunion) on 15th October 2020. The discussion focused on the state of play of the implementation of the EU Copyright Directive and the newest draft law in Germany. Furthermore, the panelist explained the revenue streams of the digital exploitation of music on platforms as well as live streaming of concerts.


Submission deadline for the ECCO concert 2021

ECSA’s ECF Committee members are invited to submit pieces for the ECCO concert foreseen for February 2021. More here.

Furthermore, ECSA announces that the concert will take place in a digital format. More information to follow in the coming weeks.

ECCO concert 15th edition broadcasting date! 

The September edition of the ECCO concert will be available for two weeks on radio 100,7‘s website starting from November 4th . Co-organised with FLAC, this edition featured works of 6 amazing composers: Jouni Hirvelä (Finland), Ziv Cojocaru (Israel/Austria), Krzysztof Ratajski (Poland), Jan Martin Smørdal (Norway), Henrik Strindberg (Sweden) and Roland Wiltgen (Luxembourg). Their works were performed by the talented ensemble United Instruments of Lucilin and conducted by Thomas Goff in the Luxembourg’s Philharmonie.

Listen to the concert here.

More about ECCO here.

ECSA’s members lounge on Gender & Equality

On 28th October, ECSA members met in an informal ECSA lounge videoconference to exchange about gender and diversity initiatives in their organisations and countries.

ECSA thanks all the participants and look forward to pursuing the productive discussion in a further meeting!


In memoriam: Jean-Marie Moreau

ECSA mourns the loss of Jean Marie Moreau, who passed away on 29th October 2020. Our sincere thoughts and condolences go to Jean-Marie’s family and friends. Jean-Marie Moreau was a French songwriter working mainly for pop artists. He also wrote musicals. He worked as a composer, publisher and producer for advertising music and as artistic director for some young performers. Jean-Marie Moreau was elected on to the ECSA board in February 2013 and within the network and various organisations in France, he advocated fearlessly and tirelessly for authors rights and for creating better conditions for music creators. We will always remember him with gratitude, as a colleague, friend and mentor to many music creators in Europe and around the world.

New board at UNAC

On Monday 28th October, UNAC held a General Assembly at the end of which the partial renewal of the Board of Directors was announced. 6 positions were filled. The following were therefore elected or re-elected: Marco Attali, Jean-Marie Leau, Benoît Menut, Etienne Forget, Frédéric Kocourek, and Patrice Mercier.

The Board of Directors, which was held following the assembly, made it possible to elect the new board:

  • Chairman: Laurent Juillet.
  • Vice-presidents: Anne Dorr, Frédéric Kocourek, Patrick Lemaître, Christine Lidon.
  • Secretary-General: Patrice Mercier.
  • Deputy Secretary General: Laure Desbre.
  • Treasurer: Benjamin Bleton.
  • Assistant Treasurer: Raphaël Pottier.
  • Directors: Marco Attali, Alain Chamfort, Dominique Dalcan, Etienne Forget, Anne Goldstein, Jean-Marie Leau, Benoît Menut, Michel Pelay, Richard Seff.

“We wish them good luck and all the positive energy necessary to carry out the missions that will be theirs for this new exercise” said Patrice Mercier, Secretary-General.

Ivors Academy Board Directors statement for Black History Month

“If a race has no history, it has no worthwhile tradition, it becomes a negligible factor in the thought of the world, and it stands in danger of being exterminated.” Carter G Woodson, ‘The Father of Black History’

“Black History Month is a time to recognise, value and honour the achievements of black people throughout every aspect of society and life.

The Ivors Academy takes this annual moment of celebration to reflect on the outstanding and far-reaching contribution that music creators of African and Caribbean heritage have made to British musical life and music creativity throughout the world.

The importance, significance, and influence of black music creators to popular music and beyond has been one of the undeniable rocks that the global music industry has been built upon. The diaspora has shared unconditionally, its traditions, cultures, inspirational composers, and performers with the world. It is impossible to ignore the stories, stimulus, and innovative impacts on the development of music of all genres. This rich history needs to be embraced, explored, documented, and celebrated, as it will continue to enrich all our lives both today and in the future.

The Ivors Academy stands in solidarity with the community of black music creators in UK to champion diversity in the UK music industry, and fight for a fair and inclusive approach for all.”

By Directors Orphy Robinson MBE, Jin Jin, Daniel Kidane on behalf of The Ivors Academy Board.


ECSA Letter of support to the Screen Composers Guild of Canada

On 21st October, ECSA sent a letter of support to the Screen Composers Guild of Canada (SCGC) to support the its efforts to improve the contractual position and remuneration of Canadian creators and encourage Canadian authorities to work towards this direction.

In recent years, ECSA had several fruitful exchanges with the Screen Composers Guild of Canada, which have shown that composers and songwriters share similar objectives and challenges on both sides of the Atlantic. In particular, the expansion of buy-outs contracts is a global phenomenon affecting composers and songwriters worldwide. All composers are suffering from similar unfair contractual practices whereby they give up their rights for all uses and all territories, and do not benefit from the royalties that may be generated by the work overtime.

Read the letter here.

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