News from Brussels – January 2018

BYE BYE 2017!

Looking back at a fruitful year

2017 has been a very special year for ECSA, celebrating its 10th Anniversary! The year has been filled with successful advocacy activities, strong cultural projects and fruitful international collaborations.

From left to right: MEP Axel Voss, Björn Ulvaeus, Mairead McGuiness (European Parlement vice-president), Alfons Karabuda (ECSA President). Picture©Gilda Romero

From left to right: MEP Axel Voss, Björn Ulvaeus, Mairead
McGuiness (European Parliament vice-president), Alfons Karabuda (ECSA President). Picture©Gilda Romero


Thanks to the high involvement of our members, ECSA has managed to make significant steps towards fair remuneration within the copyright directive. Key moments of 2017 were also the organisation of two discussions within the European Parliament with Björn Ulvaeus (ABBA) and Phil Manzanera (ROXY MUSIC), strengthening ECSA’s voice within the copyright discussion.

Cultural Projects

In 2017, ECSA has been selected to receive the Creative Europe Grant 2017-2020 from the European Union to foster transnational mobility, strengthen capacities of composers and songwriters, as well as to increase diversity in repertoires.

2017 also saw the launch of the Capacity Triangle project with its very first edition taking place in Warsaw on 27 November.

In collaboration with HARPA and in the framework of the Cannes festival, ECSA also organised the European Film Music Day with a special focus on the video game music and the cooperation of directors and composers.

From left to right: Dan Clifton, Christine Aufderhaar, Alexandra-Therese Keining, Sophia Ersson and Thor Joachim Haga

From left to right: Dan Clifton, Christine Aufderhaar, Alexandra-Therese Keining, Sophia Ersson and Thor Joachim Haga

International Collaboration

The Creators’ Roundtable in Los Angeles also took place in April 2017. An ECSA delegation met with European and American game composers and game production representatives to review current practices in the composition, production and licensing of music for video games. The meeting opened up discussions about remuneration models and best practices of one of the fastest growing sectors in the music industry.

Creators Roundtable, 28 April 2017, Los Angeles. Picture©Coi Nguyen and Brian Stewart.

Creators Roundtable, 28 April 2017, Los Angeles. Picture©Coi Nguyen and Brian Stewart.


Towards an exciting year

2018 already promises to be very exciting! Here is a little sneak peak of ECSA’s upcoming activities.

Advocacy Activities

Careful attention will be given to concluding the co-legislative process for the copyright directive in the European Parliament and the Council. The  work in partnership with the Authors Group for fair contracts as well as the coalition with other networks in regards to the value gap will also continue this year.

ECSA Winter Session

19 – 21 February

In a few weeks, composers and songwriters representing ECSA’s 56 member organisations will meet in Brussels, at Flagey, for the annual Winter Meeting. The gathering includes a session of ECSA’s General Assembly, the board of directors and ECSA’s three genres specific committees – APCOE (popular music), FFACE (audio-visual music) and ECF (art & contemporary music). ECSA members will review the organisation’s activities and assess the progress on the advocacy front, mostly with respect to questions of transfer of value from online platforms and transparency and fair remuneration in copyright contracts.

ECCO Concert

The next ECCO concert is nearing with its first edition of the year taking place on 20 February 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. For ECSA’s biggest enjoyment, the renowned Quatuor Diotima will be playing a very colorful programme carefully selected by the ECCO Artistic Committee featuring the following composers and pieces:

 •Fibers and Coils– Mihailo Trandafilovski (Macedonia)

nec ros, nec pluvia– Helena Tulve (Estonia)

J. S., my friend – Paul Pankert (Belgium)

unisono 1 für Streichquartett – Malte Giesen (Germany)

String Quartet N°4 Op. 95 – Kimmo Hakola (Finland)

Light Scattering, String Quartet N°3 – Andrea Tarrodi (Sweden)

The ECCO concert is featured on Flagey’s digital programme. Please be so kind as to register to by 5  February 2018 at the latest.

ECCO concert Vienna 2017. Picture©ÖKB Markus Sepperer

ECCO concert Vienna 2017. Picture©ÖKB Markus Sepperer

New Music Incubator

With the concert in Warsaw in September, phase I of the New Music Incubator concluded. Now, NMI is heading towards phase II, which will take place in Brussels in February. For three days, 20 participants of NMI who come from 13 different European countries will rehearse, develop and consolidate their previous creations and present them at their concert on 19 February at Maison Haute, in Watermael-Boitsfort, Brussels.

ECSA/ISFMF Film Music Award

This year again, European Film Music will be greatly celebrated with the ECSA/ISMF Film Award (previous Grand Scores). As in previous editions, selected composers will be awarded by their peers for their outstanding contribution to the musical landscape. The award is to take place on 20 October in the framework of the International Sound and Film Music Festival (ISFMF) in Pula, Croatia.

New Team Member

We are very happy to welcome Laura Gardes (Programme Manager) on the ECSA team. Laura previously worked for the Goethe-Institut as project manager of the European Structured Dialogue between the European Commission and the cultural sector. She holds a double master degree in European Culture, is a French native speaker, fluent in English and German and has an intermediate knowledge of Swedish.


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About ECSA:

The European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ECSA) represents over 30,000 professional composers and songwriters in 26 European countries. With 54 member organisations across Europe, the Alliance speaks for the interests of music creators of art & classical music (contemporary), film & audiovisual music, as well as popular music.

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