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Capacity Triangle Previous editions

Supported by the Creative Europe programme from the European Union, the 2020 Capacity Triangle edition was organised together with ECSA's Dutch members: Nieuw Geneco, VCTN, BCMM and BAM! in collaboration with Donemus Publishingand took place on 31st March 2020.

The event was initially planned to take place in The Hague (The Netherlands) but due to the unprecedented circumstances brought upon by the Covid-19, ECSA and its member organisations decided to change the format of the event. Instead of greeting our participants in person, we invited everyone to join us online. 

Various Dutch composers and music professionals exchanged their views on topics such as The copyright basics required to understand digital licensing, The Fair practice code, How the music industry licenses streaming services, how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset as a musician/composer etc.: concrete tips to help composers and musicians to navigate in the increasingly digitalised world. 

The panels were:

  1. Music & Entrepreneurship
    Moderated by Aafke Romeijn, with Dylan Alling & Anthony Fiumara (Alling), Kasia Glowicka and Rens Machielse.
  2. The publisher role in the Digital Age
    Davo Van Peursen (Donemus Publishing)
  3. How to connect to an orchestra or ensemble to get your composition to their attention
    Emlyn Stam
  4. How to safeguard your copyright online
    Moderated by Rita Zipora, with Michiel Laan and Robbert Baruch.

The 2019 edition of the Capacity Triangle took place on the 25th of March 2019 at Beursschouwburg in Brussels, in partnership with SABAMPlayRight+ and GALM #UnitingArtistsInMusic!
More than 80 participants and 19 speakers coming from more than 6 different countries took part in the following discussion panels: 

  1. Time for the Copyright Directive
    As the Countdown to the Plenary vote continued, our experts discussed the last updates from the Copyright Directive.
    Moderator: Tom Kestens (GALM); Speakers: Marc du Moulin (ECSA), Nicole Schultze (AEPO ARTIS), Arrien Molema (BAM!) and Ioan Kaes (PlayRight+).
  2. Be your own entrepreneur
    The panellists gave advice and personal insights to those looking to start or grow their own business or just looking into being an artist in the 21st century. Moderator: Aafke Romeijn (BAM!); Speakers: Elizabeth Anderson (Forum des Compositeurs), Damien Aresta (Luik Agency), Peter Marx (MVVP) and Nele Buys (Consouling Sounds).
  3. Digitalisation & the Music Industry
    The panellists exchanged views on how digitalisation has been totally transforming the business model for all composers, artists and producers. Moderator: Jan Pauly (Poppunt); Speakers: Jonas Kiesekoms (PXL), Niels Mosumgaard (DPA), Eline Van Audenaerde (SheSaidSo) and Pierre Dumoulin (SABAM).
  4. How music licensing works
    The panellists gave an introduction and update on how music licensing works, and an overview of the collective licensing system and the Belgian Collective Societies. Moderator: Jan Hautekiet (SABAM); Speakers: Olivier Maeterlinck (SABAM), Stefaan Moriau (CTM) and Luc Gulinck (PlayRight+).

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Capacity Triangle 1st Edition in Warsaw

ECSA’s tailor-made training sessions focusing on entrepreneurial, copyright and digital skills of songwriters and composers were kicked-off on 27th November 2017 in Warsaw. The session was organised by ECSA in cooperation with Zwiazek Polskich Autorow i Kompozytorow (ZAKR) and Zwiazek Kompozytorow Polskich (ZKP) as well as ZAIKS and attracted around 50 music creators exchanging with experts on issues such as the complex Polish regulations regarding self-employment and how different forms of self-employment are differently taxed. It was further discussed how and when to find a good manager and what to look when signing contracts. The workshop on the digital skills focused on the new digital environment for composers and songwriters and how to navigate it best. Please see here for the official programme (in Polish) .

‘The Capacity Triangle workshops are a great way of giving composers and songwriters tools to develop their career as they are specifically designed to their needs. Especially, the workshop on digital skills is a good idea and sparked a lot of interest with the participants’ said Marek Hojda, Vice-president of ZAKR.