Capacity Triangle

The project aims at building capacities to foster the professional adaption of music creators and empowering creators through knowledge. The project takes the form of seminars and webinars and focuses on three areas of learning:

  • Digital skills: in order to get familiarised with digital tools and business models.
  • Entrepreneurial skills: because most composers work on an individual basis and few of them have any knowledge on self-employment and social security law when they first step into the world of professional composing and song writing.
  • Copyright and publishing skills: in order to ensure that music creators get an opportunity to learn about copyright contracts and publishing rights.

On March 29th 2021,  ECSA is organising a new edition of the Capacity Triangle on “How can we improve authors’ contracts? Best practices and examples of collective bargaining agreements in France & Germany”. Now more than ever, individual authors do not only face precarious working conditions, low and unstable income, but also a very weak bargaining position vis-à-vis their contractual counterparts. In some EU Member States, music authors’ associations and their counterparts (in particular music publishers) have tried to address this situation by negotiating and signing collective bargaining agreements (CBAs). Those agreements – which also exist in other creative sectors – aim at promoting a more balanced and transparent framework for the contractual relationship between both parties. As the 2019 Copyright Directive very much encourages such collective mechanisms, the objective of this webinar is to showcase different examples of collective bargaining agreements in France (with the “Code des usages”) and in Germany, analyse the lessons learned from those experiences, and encourage their development in Europe.

Confirmed speakers for this edition are:
Wally Badarou, (musician & ECSA Board member) – France
Juliette Metz (CSDEM) – France
Micki Meuser (film composer and music producer) – Germany
Katharina Uppenbrink (Initiative Urheberrecht – Authors’ Rights Initiative) – Germany

On November 26th 2020, ECSA organised a new webinar edition in collaboration with EMMA – European Music Managers Alliance, on the relationship between music creators and managers.

The two online panel discussions explored how this relationship has evolved and what initiatives were taken by the two organisations in the frame of the current COVID19 pandemic.

In March 2020, the event was set to take place in The Hague (The Netherlands), but due to the unprecedented circumstances brought upon by the COVID-19 crisis, ECSA decided to organise a webinar instead on topics such as music and entrepreneurship, digital skills for music creators and the application of copyright online. The webinar took place on 31st March and was organised in collaboration with ECSA Dutch Member organisations: Nieuw Geneco, BAM!, VCTN and BCMM and in collaboration with Donemus Publishing.

The 2019 edition of the Capacity Triangle took place on the 25th of March 2019 at Beursschouwburg in Brussels, in partnership with SABAMPlayRight+ and GALM #UnitingArtistsInMusic ! You can relive the whole event by watching the official live streaming videos by clicking here.

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