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Working Group on One Stop Licensing

The Working Group on One Stop Licensing focuses on state of the art methods for collective licensing in audiovisual media and particularly in the online domain. The aim is to get an accurate picture of current trends and to find out the best ways to resist disruptive licensing models which are not in line with the principles of a fair and proportionate remuneration for authors. The Working Group examines chances for CMOs to create one-stop-licensing models for online content that are competitive and convenient. In addition, the Working Group aims to encourage more exchange between CMOs in various countries with regard to their methods of licensing and content management.

Members of the Working Group on One Stop Licensing

  • Anselm Kreuzer, Composers Club (Germany)
  • Bryan Crosby, Screen Composers Guild of Ireland (Ireland)
  • Hans Everling, BCMM (The Netherlands)
  • Johan van der Voet, BCMM (The Netherlands)
  • Kevin Sargent, Ivors Academy (UK)
  • Aku Toivonen, FMC (Finland)
  • Pär Frid, SKAP (Sweden)