News from the European Composer and Songwriter Alliance on Advocacy work and activities in the music and culture sector - December edition

NEWS FROM ECSA – December edition



The ECSA team would like to extend its sincerest and warmest wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!






On 17 December, ECSA published a statement that “strongly condemns the malpractices of Epidemic Sound and its disrespect for fundamental authors’ economic and moral rights”. This statement also expresses great disappointment that the Swedish Public Service TV (SVT) agreed to regularly feature Epidemic Sound in the music credits after a program instead of the creator’s names. In its statement, ECSA calls on any company to “refrain from collaborating with an entity which disrespects authors and their basic economic and moral rights” and on “all public service broadcasters with a public service mission to stop spending taxpayers’ resources with any company not respecting the fundamental rights of an author”. Last but not least, ECSA calls on all music authors to refrain from signing “any agreement which results in giving up all their economic rights forever, while not even being given credit according to his/her right by law”. The statement finally urges all EU Member States to engage in an ambitious implementation the Copyright Directive (in particular its Articles 18 to 23) to “prevent those buy-out practices and ensure that those malpractices from another age cannot longer occur in the 21st century. This statement has been mentioned in various press articles, such as Music Ally, Music Business Worldwide,  Digital Music News or Complete Music Update.





On 13th December, the ECCO Artistic Committee consisting of chair Dušan Bavdek (Slovenia), Jana Andreevska (North Macedonia), Irina Hasnas (Romania) and Olli Virtaperko (Finland) and Benjamin Maneyrol and Gian Ponte, both members of the Ensemble Fractales, selected the pieces for the 14th edition of the ECCO concert which will take place at the Studio 1 Flagey in Brussels on 4th February 2020.

The selected composers and their pieces are the following:

Elis Hallik – To become a tree (Estonia)

Charlotte Torres – Dans l’ombre de Franz (Switzerland)

Ryszard Lubieniecki – The different view on ‘Layers’ [or Layers II] (Poland)

Matti Heininen – Tod und Verklärung (Finland)

Mihailo Trandafilovski – TRI-O (North Macedonia)

Vlad Răzvan Baciu – Pleasure beast (Romania)

Johan Svensson – diamond dust (Sweden)

For ticket reservations click here!





ECSA is pleased to announce that the Creators Conference will take place on 3rd February 2020 at Theatre de Vaudeville in Brussels. Current and future EU policies that are relevant for creators will be discussed with high level EU policy makers. Please see here for more details of the programme. The conference will be followed by a special Camille Awards ceremony.



Classical: NEXT


The mission of Classical:NEXT is to unite all professionals who identify with classical and art music, providing them with a place to meet and connect, do business, brainstorm, create and be inspired. The event is considered to be the largest global gathering of professionals for all sectors of classical and art music. The next edition will take place from 18th to 21st May in Rotterdam.  In collaboration with ECSA, the Dutch Composers Association Nieuw Geneco will host the 2nd edition of the Composers Programme at Classical NEXT. The Programme gives composers from the ECSA network a chance to take part in the international platform for exchange, debate & collaboration Classical:NEXT provides. More information on how to register is available here.

PC: Eric van Nieuwland





The ECSA team is excited to introduce to you our new intern. Domenico Iannone is an Italian student, currently in his master degree in Communication for public and no profit organisations. Domenico will assist with the organisation of ECSA’s cultural events: the Creators Conference and the ECCO Concert.



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