News from Brussels – February 2019


ECSA Winter session 2019 – Thank you !


On 19th and 20th February, the ECSA Winter Session took place in Brussels. The ECSA team, wants to personally thank all the Members who had the chance to participate in the session last week. Once again, the committee meetings and the General Assembly provided the fantastic opportunity to discuss about our Creative Europe Projects, our different advocacy’s efforts as well as to brainstorm on the future of ECSA. Let’s continue to work together to continue advocating for the rights of music authors of all genres all over Europe and the world.

© Francois de Ribaucourt & Grégory de Leeuw


The Copyright Directive gets closer to the final vote in the European Parliament.Time to get ready for the final battle!


After a positive first endorsement by Member States during a COREPER meeting on 20 February, the European Parliament Legal Affairs committee (JURI) voted in favour of the provisional agreement on the Copyright Directive on 26 February with 16 votes in favour and 9 votes against. As a result, the next key step is now the final Plenary vote in the European Parliament, most probably on 26, 27 or 28 March 2019. If this vote is positive, Member States will have to formally adopt the provisional agreement before it can finally enter into force. As the opposition to the Directive is getting stronger, notably in Germany and Poland, it is essential to continue to reach out to Members of the European Parliament and push for its adoption. In the Council, most Member States (21) supported the Directive whereas Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Finland and Luxembourg voted against the text. Belgium and Slovenia abstained. In the JURI committee, the EPP (7 MEPs), ALDE (2 MEPs), ENF (2 MEPs) voted in favor whereas the Greens (3 MEPs), GUE (1 MEP), voted against. The Socialists and Democrats (3 / 3), ECR (1/1) and EFDD were divided.


ECSA, together with authors’ organisations, welcomed the vote and called Members of the European Parliament to finally adopt the Directive without further delay


After the vote, ECSA, together with FERA, EWC and FSE welcomed in a joint press release “a strong, cross part support to the Europe’s creative community” (see here) and called all Members of the European Parliament to finally adopt the Directive. Two press articles referred to this press release (see here and here )

ECSA also joined forces with a wide number of organisations in favor of the Directive (see statement). We will continue to exchange and coordinate with them to push together for the final adoption of the Directive. The Copyright Directive’s provisional agreement is available here.


The European Parliament Culture Committee (CULT) adopts its position on the Creative Europe Program 



On 20th February 2019, the EP CULT committee adopted Mrs. Costa (S&D-IT) draft report on the next Creative Europe programme (2021 to 2027). The report, adopted unanimously with 28 votes in favour, no vote against and one abstention is largely positive and includes good provisions, in line with the position adopted by ECSA (see here) and joint voting recommendations with Impala and Liveurope. Most notably, the draft report includes amendments striving for a better reflection of the importance of the music sector, a higher budget dedicated to Creative Europe, a larger budget dedicated to the CULTURE sub-programme, the mobility and visibility of creators and repertoires, as well as positive language on the support to artistic freedom, cultural diversity and gender equality. The European Parliament will now most likely adopt Mrs. Costa report in plenary session at the end of March. Negotiations between the European Parliament will and the Council will start after the European elections in May.


ECCO Concert & Workshop, 2019 Brussels edition



On 18th February 2019, ECSA held for the very first time a workshop entitled ‘Inside the composers’ head: discovering contemporary art music’. This event was organised in order to create a space where composers and musicians of the upcoming ECCO concert could exchange impressions and answer audience’s questions about the pieces during the rehearsals. One of the attendees said: ‘It has been a great idea to create this space. It has helped me open my mind to create new music. Definitely, an interesting and enriching experience.’

The following day, on 19th February 2019, the ECCO concert took place at the same venue, Le Senghor, and featured the Ensemble Hopper conducted by François Deppe, who performed pieces from 7 composers from all over Europe and Israel. In addition, the electronic interpretation was provided by the renowned Centre Henri Pousseur from Liège.  The following pieces were featured:

–              Talia AMAR (Israel), Triangulation

–              Sampo HAAPAMÄKI (Filand), Logo

–              Gaëlle HYERNAUX (Belgium), Avatar

–              Jan FLESSEL (Denmark), Studies for Piano Trio – 3 Depictions of Night

–              Gilles DONEUX (Belgium), Defragmentation 2

–              Maija HYNNINEN (Finland), Winnowing

This 2019 Brussels edition was very successful, performing high quality works of mixed music and filling the concert venue with around 150 people. Take a look at the pictures from that evening here.


Welcome Hub established in Helsinki



A new Welcome Hub was established in Helsinki on the 20 February 2019. In line with ECSA‘s Creative Europe activity plan, a Welcome Hub for ECSA music writers is now established in Finland The Hub is set up in partnership with Suomen Musiikintekijät – Finnish Music Creators and was signed by FMC chair Kaija Kärkinen and ECSA president Alfons Karabuda, in Brussels. The hub will provide a first contact point and a possibility to exchange with peers and provide composers and songwriters with information and assistance. 

 You can find more information about ECSA’s Welcome Hubs by clicking here


UNAC Campaign update



UNAC campaign continues with the support of ECSA and other organisations all over the world. The message behind the campaign is to put forward a pro authors message in favor of the Copyright Directive, easy to understand on social networks (on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). Now more than ever we need to stand united and show the faces of all creators, a month before the final vote on the Copyright Directive.The process to participate is the following:

An author takes a picture of himself handing a tablet, laptop or smartphone on whose screen is displayed the message “404 ERROR, CREATORS NOT FOUND” (referring to the absence of content error). Preferably the background of the picture would showcase a well know place, such as a famous monument or square;

You would send the picture and the name of the Author, his function/job, and the location of the picture to and

UNAC and ECSA have been already receiving a lot of pictures namely from the UK and Spain, but welcome organisations from all the Member States to participate in the campaign!!

We really count on your support!


HARPA Nordic Film Composers Award 2019



HARPA Nordic Film Composers Award 2019 goes to composer Davíð Þór Jónsson and his director Benedikt Erlingsson. Concluding an Award Show at the beautiful Auditorium of the Felleshus of Nordische Botschaften, on February 12th 2019, the HARPA Nordic Film Composers Award was handed out for the 9th time as a part of Nordic Film Music Days 2019. More than 50 Nordic composers were present. 

© Thomas Kolbein Olsen, Berlinkontoret


ECSA Team update

The ECSA Staff welcomes Manon Chikh!


We are very happy to introduce you to our new trainee. Manon Chikh is a French student, passioned about music, finalizing her last year of master degree in European Affairs at Sciences Po Lyon. Manon joined the team in the beginning of February to help on advocacy and the upcoming projects.Let’s make her feel welcome !

© François De Ribaucourt


Leonardo 4 Children


On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death (1519-2019), with a focus on art and science for children, the no-profit foundation “Carano 4 Children”[1] (the “foundation”) launched the flagship initiative « Leonardo 4 Children ». ECSA is proud to support this initiative and in particular the “Leonardo da Vinci’s Fables in music” European competition for 18-30 years old music composers. The “work” submitted for the competition shall be an original creation by the participants and consist in a musical interpretation of one Fable, chosen by the participants among the 10 Fables by Leonardo da Vinci. Click here to learn more about the requirements of the competition.


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