Press release: ECCO selection for the Belgrade concert

ECSA is pleased to announce that the ECCO concert will be performed by the RTS Symphony Orchestra. The concert will take place on September 18th 2018 in the “Kolarac” Concert Hall, Belgrade, and will be conducted by Serbian conductor Bojan Sudjić.

The ECCO Artistic Committee selected the following works to be performed during ECSA’s Autumn session in Belgrade:

  • “Symphonic Slices” by Ülo Krigul (Estonia)
  • “Ein (kleiner) Winternachtstraum” by Jacqueline Fontyn (Belgium)
  • “Tre piccolissime musiche notturne” by Nicola Campogrande (Italy)
  • “Vellamon neidot” by Mikko Nisula (Finland)
  • “The Horses of Saint Mark” by Isidora Zebeljan (Serbia)
  • “Memento” by Milan Mihajlovic (Serbia)

 Dušan Bavdek, the chair of the ECCO Working Group, commented on the selection as follows:

“It is with great pleasure that we are ready to announce the final choices made by the Artistic Committee of ECCO for the ECCO concert by the RTS Symphonic Orchestra which will take place on 18th September this year, in Belgrade.

In addition to the final decision which is sent to you from the ECSA’s office, as a Chairman of the ECCO Artistic Committee – together with Jana Andreevska (Macedonia), Lorenzo Carola (Belgium) and Bojan Sudjic (conductor of the RTS Symphonic Orchestra), I want to sincerely thank you all for submitting your great music to the call. Also personally, as a composer, I felt privileged and thankful for the opportunity to listen to about 47 exciting symphonic pieces submitted to the call from all over Europe (Serbia, Slovenia, Belgium, Croatia, Finland, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Spain, UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Estonia and the network FACDIM- Fondazione Adkins Chiti: Donne in Musica) and Israel.

Congratulations to the selected composers!

Furthermore, I sincerely hope that those whose pieces were not selected this time for the ECCO Belgrade concert will not be discouraged to submit in the future. On the contrary, we all strongly encourage a wider response from all ECSA member societies, which would also give the ECCO concerts a greater value representing the exciting variety of the contemporary music in Europe.”

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