News from Brussels – December 2017

ECCO Artistic Committee selection results

Out of more than 56 works from 17 European countries the ECCO Artistic Committee selected the following works to be performed during ECSA’s Winter session in Brussels:

– Andrea Tarrodi – Light Scattering, String Quartet N°3 (Sweden)
– Helena Tulve – nec ros, nec pluvia (Estonia)
– Kimmo Hakola – String Quartet N°4 Op. 95 (Finland)
– Malte Giesen – unisono 1 für Streichquartett (Germany)
– Mihailo Trandafilovski – Fibers AND Coils (Macedonia)
– Paul Pankert – J. S., my friend (Belgium)

logo-ecco-final_dark-redThe ECCO concert will take place at Studio 1 at Flagey in the framework of the ECSA Winter Session on 20 February 2018 at 19:00. The concert will be performed by the renowned Quatuor Diotima.

ECCO Working Group chair Dušan Bavdek expressed that ‘the ECCO Artistic Committee was very pleased by the greatest amount of responses to the ECCO Call for Works so far. The high level of the selections by the 17 members helped us to shape a high-quality and colourful programme for the concert of the Quatuor Diotima in February 2018.’

Capacity Triangle kicks off in Warsaw


ECSA’s tailor-made training sessions focusing on entrepreneurial, copyright and digital skills of songwriters and composers were kicked-off on 27 November in Warsaw. The session was organised by ECSA in close cooperation with Zwiazek Polskich Autorow i Kompozytorow (ZAKR) and Zwiazek Kompozytorow Polskich (ZKP) as well as ZAIKS and attracted up to 50 music creators exchanging with experts on issues such as the complex Polish regulations regarding self-employment and how different forms of self-employment are differently taxed. It was further discussed how and when to find a good manager and what to look when signing contracts. The workshop on the digital skills focused on the new digital environment for composers and songwriters and how to navigate it best.

‘The Capacity Triangle workshops are a great way of giving composers and songwriters tools to develop their career as they are specifically designed to their needs. Especially, the workshop on digital skills is a good idea and sparked a lot of interest with the participants’ said Marek Hojda, Vice-president of ZAKR.

Capacity Triangle 27 11 17 WarsawCapacity Triangle sessions in Warsaw, November 2017. Photo © : Anna Wysocka

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About ECSA:

The European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ECSA) represents over 30,000 professional composers and songwriters in 26 European countries. With 54 member organisations across Europe, the Alliance speaks for the interests of music creators of art & classical music (contemporary), film & audiovisual music, as well as popular music.

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