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NEW MUSIC INCUBATOR concerts in Brussels


ECSA and the music academy of Watermael- Boiforts are happy to present the NMI concert at Maison Haute, Place Antoine Gilson 1, 1170 Brussels on 19.02.2018 at 19:30. This concert will show 5 newly created pieces of contemporary music- the creative product of 20 music practitioners who under the directions of Martin Q. Larsson came together in the spirit of music, creativity and cooperation.

New Music Incubator is an international exchange of professional composers and performers that meet for a week of creative collaboration (phase 1). Six months later they meet again for a public performance (phase 2). New Music Incubator encourages collaboration among artists in European countries; it inspires European cultural exchange.

For phase 1 of this NMI edition participants met in Konstancin, Poland from 18-23 September 2017. For three days, 20 selected new music practitioners from various EU countries created music together. On 22 September 2017, the groups performed a public concert as a fringe event at the Warsaw Autumn festival. See here for a clip with some impressions.

Phase 2 will take place in Brussels on 19.02.2018. Please see here for more details.

Seats can be reserved per email at alicja.swierczek@composeralliance.org

This project was co-funded and supported by Creative Europe, Nordic Council of Ministers, Académie de Musique & des Arts de la Scene Watermael-Boiforts, municipality of Watermael-Boifort, ZAiKS, Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw.



The first result of NMI’s collaborative spirit can be experienced at the NMI: Sepia ensemble concert organised by the Forum des Compositeurs and supported by ECSA. The NMI participants Tomasz Sośniak (piano) and Anna Szmatoła (cello) from Poland will perform pieces of European contemporary composers at Maison des Musiques on 16.02.2018 at 20:00.

The following composers and pieces will be performed:

Lutosławski Grave, Métamorphoses
Hao-Fu. Zhang – Crépuscule
Martin Q. Larsson – Meditation
Claude Ledoux – Prelude
Alfred Schnittke – Sonata no. 1

For more information see here.

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