The European Contemporary Composers Orchestra (ECCO)

ECCO is a project of the ECF committee of ECSA. It aims to establish itself as a pan-European “body of sound” dedicated to the performance, circulation and promotion of contemporary art music. In practice, it is a network of active ensembles, orchestras and young professionals, supporting creative dialogue among composers and performers and offering young professionals the opportunity to develop their skills with ensembles experienced in contemporary performing practices on an international level. By its educational dimension, ECCO serves as a pro-active development and networking arena for professional composers and performers, especially young and emerging ones.

For reservations and more please contact: European Affairs & Programme Manager Alicja Swierczek via 


ECCO call for works for Stockholm is here!

The new call for works for the ECCO concert in Stockholm 2019 is here!

ECSA’s ECF committee members are kindly invited to participate in the Call for Works for the ECCO saxophone quartet concert that will feature the Stockholm Saxophone Quartet. It will take place in Stockholm 8th October 2019.

ECSA’s ECF Committee members administer their own selection and nominate a maximum of three pieces to be selected by the ECCO Artistic Committee.

Deadline for submission is Friday, 14th June 2019– 12:00pm (CEST).


Previous editions

Previous editions of ECCO have featured Ensemble Hopper, Centre Henri Pousseur (Brussels 2019),  RTS Symphony Orchestra (Belgrade 2018), Quatuor Diotima (Brussels, 2018), the Wiener Concert-Verein (Vienna 2017), Chamber Orchestra of Soloists (KOS) of the Society of Slovene Composers (Vienna 2011), the Silesian Philharmony (Vienna 2013), the Sturm und Klang ensemble (Brussels 2015, 2016 and 2017), the BBC Singers (London 2015), the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra (Ljubljana 2016) and the Big Band of RTV Slovenia. Among the conductors who have contributed to the ECCO concerts are François Deppe, Thomas Van Haeperen, Jessica Cottis, Sigi Feigl, James Morgan, Jürgen Bruns and Chunghi Min.


ECCO WORKSHOP – Brussels 18th February 2019

Inside the composer’s head – discovering contemporary art music

To augment the audience’s experience, a special workshop was set up the day before the February 2019 ECCO concert. “Inside the composer’s head – discovering contemporary art music” was a workshop where the ensemble and the composers met to rehearse and discuss the performance of the pieces. The audience ranged from composers and music enthusiasts to middle school children and they were delighted to have the opportunity to ask the composers questions about their pieces and the composition process. 

Some impressions from previous concerts:

List of previous ECCO composers:

Vienna, 2011
  • Hannes Heher (Austria)
  • Tomi Räisänen (Finland)
  • Archil Giorgobiani (Georgia)
  • Sérgio Azevedo (Portugal)
  • Črt Sojar Voglar (Slovenia)
  • Lubica Čekovská (Slovakia)
Vienna, 2013
  • Benjamin Lang (Germany)
  • Gunnar Berg (Denmark)
  • Roman Berger (Poland)
  • Ulpiu Vlad (Romania)
  • Dusan Bavdek (Slovenia)
  • Dieter Kaufmann (Austria)
Brussels, 2015
  • Jean-Luc Fafchamps (Belgium)
  • Máté Balogh (Hungary)
  • Lynne Plowman (UK)
  • Pertti Jalava (Finland)
  • Mihailo Trandafilovski (Macedonia)
London, 2015
  • Cecilia McDowall (UK)
  • Miosz Bembinow (Poland)
  • Lasse Thoresen (Norway)
  • Perttu Haapanen (Finland)
  • Bjørn Bolstad Skjelbred (Norway)
  • Mikko Heiniö (Finland)
  • Črt Sojar Voglar (Slovenia)
  • Jonathan Dove (UK)
  • Andrej Makor (Slovenia)
Brussels, 2016
  • Michael Berkeley (UK)
  • Julian Grant (UK)
  • Moritz Eggert (Germany)
  • Olli Virtaperko (Finland)
  • Philippe Leroux (France)
  • Peter Helmut Lang (Germany)
Ljubljana, 2016

Symphony Orchestra

  • John Casken (UK)
  • Jani Golob (Slovenia)
  • Knut Vaage (Norway)
  • Indra Riše (Latvia)
  • Benjamin de Murashkin (Denmark)
  • Ingacy Zalewski (Poland)

Big Band

  • Michel Herr (Belgium)
  • Helge Sunde (Norway)
  • Jukka Linokola (Finland)
  • Outi Tarkiainen (Finland)
  • Piotr Wróbel (Poland)
  • Nikki Iles (UK)
  • Mark Lockheart (UK)
  • Matjaž Mikuletič (Slovenia)
  • Krešimir Herceg (Croatia)
  • Klemen Smolej (Slovenia)
Brussels, 2017
  • Kari Beate Tandberg (Norway)
  • Jukka-Pekka Lehto (Finland)
  • Grégory d’Hoop (Beligum)
  • Denis Bosse (Belgium)
  • Geir Sundbø (Norway)
Vienna, 2017
  • Gerald Resch (Austria)
  • Krešimir Seletković (Croatia)
  • Rene Eespere (Estonia)
  • Tyler Futrell (Norway)
  • Aleksandra Chmielewska (Poland)
  • Lojze Lebič (Slovenia)
  • Jennifer Fowler (UK)
Brussels, 2018
  • Kimmo Hakola (Finland)
  • Paul Pankert (Belgium)
  • Andrea Tarrodi (Sweden)
  • Malte Giesen (Germany)
  • Mihailo Trandafilovski (Macedonia)
  • Helena Tulve (Estonia)
Belgrade, 2018
  • Ülo Krigul (Estonia)
  • Jacqueline Fontyn (Belgium)
  • Nicola Campogrande (Italy)
  • Mikko Nisula (Finland)
  • Isidora Zebeljan (Serbia)
  • Milan Mihajlovic (Serbia)


  • Maija Hynninen (Finland) 
  • Gyula Pintér (Hungary) 
  • Jan Flessel (Denmark) 
  • Sampo Haapamäki (Finland) 
  • Talia Amar (Israel) 
  • Gaëlle Hyernaux (Belgium) 
  • Gilles Doneux (Belgium) 

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