European Film Music Day in Cannes



The European Film Music Day 2018 is going to take place on Tuesday the 15th of May 2018 in the framework of the Cannes Festival. This year again, experts in the audiovisual sector coming from all over Europe will have the opportunity to discuss key issues at stake during this one day event.

The panel discussions will take place in the afternoon at the FNAC, 83 rue d’Antibes, Cannes and will be followed by a reception at La Plage Quinzaine from 18:00 to 20:00.


Please register before the 14th of May 2018 to laura.gardes@composeralliance if you would like to participate.



The 2017 edition of the European Film Music Day (EFMD) took place in Cannes on 22 May 2017 and was organized by ECSA in cooperation with the Nordic Film Composers Network (NFCN), the Directors’ Fortnight, DEFKOM and ECSA’s Nordic member organizations (BFM, Elvis, FST, FTT, NOPA, SKAP and STEF).

The first part of the EFMD took place at FNAC and featured panels on the artistic relationship between composers and film directors and on the current situation of video game composers. The second part was dedicated to the HARPA Nordic Film Composers Award.

After the day event, ECSA and NFCN welcomed their colleagues, friends and other industry stakeholders to a Happy Hour which took place at the Directors’ Fortnight private beach, La Plage Quinzaine. The Happy Hour took place from 18.00 to 20.00.

Please click here to access the entire programme.

The European Film Music Day goes back to an initiative of ECSA’s FFACE committee and is since the re-structuration of ECSA an official ECSA activity, co-funded by the EU Creative Europe programme. The event features different panels addressing key issues for film composers and offers thus an opportunity for film and audiovisual composers to make their voice heard and to present the extraordinary value of their craftsmanship. The one-day event typically closes with an exclusive reception for guests, which is a good platform for them to meet and exchange business cards – often resulting in new collaborations and work.

The first edition held under the headline European Film Music Days took place in Paris in November 2008 where FFACE co-organised the 2-day event with ECSA’s French member UCMF in the framework of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Read an article about the first edition here.

Since then, the European Film Music Day is organised in the framework of the Cannes Film Festival in partnership with FERA (Federation of European Film Directors) and Soundtrack Cologne.

Some impressions from previous years:

The European Contemporary Composers Orchestra (ECCO)

ECCO is a project of the ECF committee of ECSA. It aims to establish itself as a pan-European “body of sound” dedicated to the performance, circulation and promotion of contemporary art music. In practice, it is a network of active ensembles, orchestras and young professionals, supporting creative dialogue among composers and performers and offering young professionals the opportunity to develop their skills with ensembles experienced in contemporary performing practices on an international level. By its educational dimension, ECCO serves as a pro-active development and networking arena for professional composers and performers, especially young and emerging ones.

The next ECCO concert will take place in Brussels on 20 February 2018 at Studio 1 of Flagey Cultural Center. The concert will be performed by Quatuor Diotima and feature the following string quartet pieces:

String Quartet N°4 Op. 95 – Kimmo Hakola (Finland)

J. S., my friend! – Paul Pankert (Belgium)

Light Scattering, String Quartet N°3 – Andrea Tarrodi (Sweden)

unisono 1 für Streichquartett – Malte Giesen (Germany)

Fibers and Coils – Mihailo Trandafilovski (Macedonia)

nec ros, nec pluvia – Helena Tulve (Estonia)

Please see the invitation here.

Previous editions of ECCO have featured the Wiener Concert-Verein (Vienna 2017), Chamber Orchestra of Soloists (KOS) of the Society of Slovene Composers (Vienna 2011), the Silesian Philharmony (Vienna 2013), the Sturm und Klang ensemble (Brussels 2015, 2016 and 2017), the BBC Singers (London 2015), the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra (Ljubljana 2016) and the Big Band of RTV Slovenia. Among the conductors who have contributed to the ECCO concerts are Thomas Van Haeperen, Jessica Cottis, Sigi Feigl, James Morgan, Jürgen Bruns and Chunghi Min.

Some impressions from previous concerts:

List of previous ECCO composers:

Vienna, 2011

  • Hannes Heher (Austria)
  • Tomi Räisänen (Finland)
  • Archil Giorgobiani (Georgia)
  • Sérgio Azevedo (Portugal)
  • Črt Sojar Voglar (Slovenia)
  • Lubica Čekovská (Slovakia)

Vienna, 2013

  • Benjamin Lang (Germany)
  • Gunnar Berg (Denmark)
  • Roman Berger (Poland)
  • Ulpiu Vlad (Romania)
  • Dusan Bavdek (Slovenia)
  • Dieter Kaufmann (Austria)

Brussels, 2015

  • Jean-Luc Fafchamps (Belgium)
  • Máté Balogh (Hungary)
  • Lynne Plowman (UK)
  • Pertti Jalava (Finland)
  • Mihailo Trandafilovski (Macedonia)

London, 2015

  • Cecilia McDowall (UK)
  • Miosz Bembinow (Poland)
  • Lasse Thoresen (Norway)
  • Perttu Haapanen (Finland)
  • Bjørn Bolstad Skjelbred (Norway)
  • Mikko Heiniö (Finland)
  • Črt Sojar Voglar (Slovenia)
  • Jonathan Dove (UK)
  • Andrej Makor (Slovenia)

Brussels, 2016

  • Michael Berkeley (UK)
  • Julian Grant (UK)
  • Moritz Eggert (Germany)
  • Olli Virtaperko (Finland)
  • Philippe Leroux (France)
  • Peter Helmut Lang (Germany)

Ljubljana, 2016

Symphony Orchestra

  • John Casken (UK)
  • Jani Golob (Slovenia)
  • Knut Vaage (Norway)
  • Indra Riše (Latvia)
  • Benjamin de Murashkin (Denmark)
  • Ingacy Zalewski (Poland)

Big Band

  • Michel Herr (Belgium)
  • Helge Sunde (Norway)
  • Jukka Linokola (Finland)
  • Outi Tarkiainen (Finland)
  • Piotr Wróbel (Poland)
  • Nikki Iles (UK)
  • Mark Lockheart (UK)
  • Matjaž Mikuletič (Slovenia)
  • Krešimir Herceg (Croatia)
  • Klemen Smolej (Slovenia)

Brussels, 2017

  • Kari Beate Tandberg (Norway)
  • Jukka-Pekka Lehto (Finland)
  • Grégory d’Hoop (Beligum)
  • Denis Bosse (Belgium)
  • Geir Sundbø (Norway)

Vienna, 2017

  • Gerald Resch (Austria)
  • Krešimir Seletković (Croatia)
  • Rene Eespere (Estonia)
  • Tyler Futrell (Norway)
  • Aleksandra Chmielewska (Poland)
  • Lojze Lebič (Slovenia)
  • Jennifer Fowler (UK)

Composers’ Directory

The Composers’ Directory is a project initiated by ECSA and its ECF committee which is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. 

The Composers’ Directory aims at connecting professional composers with schools, music schools, music colleges as well as higher education institutions and to provide a comprehensive database for businesses looking for composers. The core feature of the Composers’ Directory is to enable the practical exchange of information and offer networking opportunities between living composers and the educational sector and other composers both within the same genre and other genres.

A new cooperation with ECSA’s supportive member LALO has been established in December 2016 in order to enhance a larger outreach to the final users.

Visit the Composers’ Directory here:

New Music Incubator (NMI)

New Music Incubator is an international exchange of professional composers and performers that meet for a week of creative collaboration (phase 1). Six months later they meet again for a public performance (phase 2). New Music Incubator encourages collaboration among artists in European countries; it inspires European cultural exchange.

During the first of the two sessions of the New Music Incubator project the participants met and created new music pieces daily all of which were premiered every night. All concerts were internal and without audiences, and all participants had to work with different teams each day. The second session took place in Brussels on 15 February 2016 in the framework of the ECSA winter session. The concert was held at Q-O2 in Molenbeek. 18 European artists from 16 different countries gathered to recreate the process of close collaboration and to present the outcome of the work they produced when they travelled to Mrežnica. The event encompassed an eclectic mix of cross-genre, traditional, trans-disciplinary and musical compositions.

After the well-attended NMI concert in Brussels in February 2017, the next edition envisages two phases again. Phase I will take place in Konstancin (near Warsaw) from 18-23 September 2017. For three days, 20 selected new music practitioners from various EU countries will create music together. On 22 September 2017, the groups will perform a public concert as a fringe event at the Warsaw Autumn festival.

Phase II and thus the next NMI concert will take place in cooperation with the Music Academy Watermael- Boiforts in Brussels at Maison Haute on 19 February 2018 where some of the works will be re-developed and performed. Please find the invitation here.


Grand Scores

ECSA is the official content lead of the Grand Scores Film Music Awards. The awards are organised in partnership with Moët & Chandon and have been held in February every year since 2014 in the framework of the Berlinale. The role of the Alliance is to develop a fair and well thought-out selection procedure for the award ceremony, as well as to put together a jury in charge of selecting the winners.

The Grand Scores has become the leading event celebrating European Film Music at the Berlinale Film Festival over the last years. Have a look at the laureates:

The fourth edition of the Grand Scores took place in Berlin on 2 February 2017. ECSA was, as in previous years, the official content partner of Moët & Chandon. The 2017 Grand Scores International Jury, consisting of Patrick Doyle, Ludovic Bource, Frans Bak and Fernando Velazquez selected the awardees of each competition category. The winners are:

Best Orchestral Score – Gaute Storaas for “En Man Som Heter Ove” (A Man Called Ove)

Best Orchestral Score – Clint Mansell for “High Rise”

Best Electro-Acoustic Score – Sophia Ersson for “Pojkarna” (Girls Lost)

Best Original Music for a Series – Victor Reyes for “The Night Manager”

The winner of the honorary category for Outstanding Contribution, Lalo Schifrin, has been chosen by ECSA’s Grand Scores Steering Committee with Moët & Chandon’s support.

From the left: Gaute Storaas (Best Orchestral), Dennis Dreith on behalf of Lalo Schifrin (Outstanding Contribution), Sophia Ersson (Best Electro-Acoustic), Victor Reyes (Best Original Music for a Series); photo credit: Blair Mowat

From the left: Gaute Storaas (Best Orchestral), Dennis Dreith on behalf of Lalo Schifrin (Outstanding Contribution), Sophia Ersson (Best Electro-Acoustic), Victor Reyes (Best Original Music for a Series); photo credit: Blair Mowat

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