Transatlantic Dialogue on Sustainable Music

ECSA actively collaborates with organisations representing the interests of professional music creators in the United States and in Canada. ECSA liaises regularly with colleagues from the Society of Composers & Lyricists (SCL), which is dedicated to the advancement of the interests of the film and television music community in the United States.

The Songwriters Association of Canada (SCA), which seeks to “nurture, develop and protect the creative, business, and legal interests of music creators in Canada and around the world” is also a close partner of ECSA. In particular, ECSA supports and promotes SCA’s work on fair compensation for music creators in the digital age, including SCA’s study released on October 2014.

The study is available here.

Furthermore, in order to work jointly towards a sustainable framework for music, ECSA initiated a cross-industry dialogue among music writer groups from both North America and Europe. Therefore, Creators’ Roundtables were organised in the US in November 2015 and followed up on with a Roundtable bringing international creators and YouTube representatives together for constructive discussions. One of the outcomes of the Roundtables is the Creators’ Network which shall further continue developing the collaboration with the North American fellows and music industry representatives.

International Music Council (IMC)

ECSA is a member of the International Music Council (IMC) and ECSA’s President Alfons Karabuda is currently the Executive Vice-President of IMC. IMC is an international membership-based professional organisation dedicated to the promotion of the value of music in the lives of all peoples. IMC’s mission is to develop sustainable music sectors worldwide, to create awareness about the value of music, to make music matter throughout the fabric of society, and to uphold basic music rights in all countries.

Fair Trade Music (FTM)

ECSA is part of the Fair Trade Music project, that was launched together with Music Creators North America (MCNA), the International Council of Music Creators (CIAM), Alliance of Latin American Creators of Music (ALCAM) and the Pan African Composers’ and Songwriters’ Alliance (PACSA) with the objective of certifying that all actors in the music business adhere to standards of transparency and fair compensation for music creators.

International Council of Music Creators (CIAM)

ECSA is also a partner of CIAM holding an observer status at the CIAM ExCo meetings.

Human Rights Council (HRC)

ECSA has been involved in the work of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations since 2012. ECSA closely collaborated with the Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights on her report on “The right to freedom of artistic expression and creativity”, which was released in March 2013. Detailed comments were submitted to the Rapporteur, with a view to ensuring that the perspective of music creators would be taken into account.

The final report rightly notes that “Artists may entertain people, but they also contribute to social debates, sometimes bringing counter-discourses and potential counterweights to existing power centres. The vitality of artistic creativity is necessary for the development of vibrant cultures and the functioning of democratic societies.”

To read the full report, please click here.

In 2014, ECSA was invited to participate as expert organisation in closed expert sessions designed to inform the views of the Special Rapporteur on her next report, dedicated to “the impact of intellectual property regimes on the enjoyment of right to science and culture”. The report is due for release in the first semester of 2015.

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